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Why Should You Take This Test?
Dr. Van K Tharp, armed with a Ph.D. in psychology and several losing experiences in the market, realized that perhaps the poor results that he'd been getting in the markets had more to do with him than the markets themselves. So in 1982 the quest began for how he could become a better trader. He conducted in-depth research to determine the qualities that great traders and investors had, and his research uncovered ten distinct areas that were important to investment/trading success.

Dr. Tharp has collected over 5,000 successful trading profiles by studying and researching individual traders and investors, including many of the top traders and investors in the world. From these studies, he developed a model for successful trading and investing in which other people can adopt and learn.

This FREE Test is designed to provide a snapshot of the various types of traders that Dr. Tharp has identified. Each of the types has its own temperament, personality, perception and interpretation that ultimately affect how the market is approached and traded. Some have a distinct set of core qualities that are great for trading, whereas others may find trading more of a challenge. There is no right or wrong trader type; it is merely an identifier of possible patterns that could enhance or block success in your trading, relationships and all areas of your life.

This is not a test to determine what type of trading you should be doing, or what time frame or markets you should be trading. Nor does it discuss the methods, techniques or systems that suit your trader type. All of these things are an individual choice based on your own objectives and lifestyles, which may differ greatly based on your age, location and circumstances. The test will, however, address how you most likely gather, store, comprehend and act on information about the markets. It will also provide you with details of commonly observed strengths and challenges of each type and subsequent solutions.

With only 35 questions, this FREE Test is not an exact science and some people may find that their answers place them on a borderline between two different types of traders. Because this is the mini-test, if you become really stuck, go back and re-do the test with the opposite answer and see if your trader type changes at all. If so, then read the solutions for both trader types and determine which traits resonate with you the most. This will enable you to deal with the strengths and challenges that most adequately represent your situation. Then you can work toward becoming the best trader or investor that you can be.

This test only takes about 4 minutes, and you'll learn a great deal about yourself when you receive your trader type. So why not begin right now?
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